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Blockchain Explorer

Hyperledger Explorer is a simple, powerful, easy-to-use, highly maintainable, open source browser for viewing activity on the underlying blockchain network.Lets gets started to procedure ... Requirements for hyperledger explorerer are

  • nodejs 6.9.x (Note that v7.x is not yet supported)
  • mysql 5.7 or greater
  • docker 17.06.2-ce
  • docker-compose 1.14.0

Now Clone the latest fabric explorer from the github ,this files contain the complete setup
$git clone
Clone the explorer files here , files are downloaded to local repository
Move to the directory blockchain explorer
$ cd blockchain-explorer we see the files downloaded from repository.

  • Then as an example run fabcar from following commands
    $ cd../&& cd fabric-samples/fabcar, $ ./, $npm install, $ node enrollAdmin.js, $ node registerUser.js, $ node query.js thus chaincode is running .
  • In blockchain-explorer directory make changes in config.json file. Change path of fabric-path to your ./fabric-samples/basic-network. i.e path of your chaincode.Change mysql credentials.
  • Then run
    $ ./
  • Access blockchain-explorer through web by https://localhost:8080


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