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KE TECHIES Supply-Chain with Blockchain

KE TECHIES supply chain is an application built on hyperledger fabric framework. This application allows to create multiple users and make transactions between them. Transactions are stored in the form of blocks. Three users are created Supplier , Seller, Retailer. Intially, products to the Supplier are created, and then transfered to the Seller and Retailer. Transactions are stored in Blocks. In the below picture you will find Supplier, Seller and Retailer. Circles in the picture are products.

The members who are in that network can only able to view this transactions. They also need admin credentials. The screenshot below is a Login page. Login can be done with admin credentials. We can create and delete assets. We can create assets for the user by pressing plus icon, it allows to create assets for any user. Creating or Deleting asset is also stored as a transaction in the blockchain. This transactions are updated in all peers which are connected in the same network.

Create Asset: Here assets are creating based on size and color of the product. This product also includes owner of that product.

If we click on a product it shows all the transactions of that product, A transaction life cycle of the product.
If we delete any product that will be stored as a transaction. This application is for tamper free transactions.
In the picture we show product id, Owner id and transaction details of that product. Every transaction is stored with unique transaction id , owner id, name of the owner and company name.
When we add or delete an asset/user then a new block in the Blockchain will be added.

To view details about transactions and blocks we are integrating KE TECHIES supply chain with hyperledger explorer.

It will show list of Transactions, Blocks, Chaincode, Peers.

Blocks are linked with each other, a block consists of Previous block hash, data hash, Hashes of list of transactions.

First block / Genesis block will not contain previous hash.



When clicking on transaction details will be shown, it consists of transaction id, timestamp, channel id.

Data will be stored in couchdb.

If we delete any document in couchdb then one block will be stored in KE TECHIES supply chain.


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