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This article details KE TECHIES's story of creating a production-ready OpenStack based Private cloud. It also lists the architecture chosen and key benefits. An end-to-end continuous deployment for this usecase is depicted in a picture at the end. This approach and architecture chosen is OpenSource, extensible and scalable.

The audience for this article would include engineers involved in an OpenStack projects and any others who are looking for experimented reference architecture. We believe in an Open Source approach to build and deliver largely scalable cloud solutions and to avoid vendor lock-in. For any comments or feedback please contact

Digital businesses are fast growing.... Scale of expansion and ability to shrink rapidly is the keen interest of these business models. Automation and Digitalization are key trends to increase the pace of delivery and to be “ahead of all” in ever changing market. High Availability, Zero Downtime and Continuous Monitoring are the most common demands.

Current Challenges to Enterprises and Service Providers to catch up the speed of Industry digitalization are Application licenses with high cost, Huge CAPEX required for infrastructure, Year on Year operational expenditure, Application maintenance and compatibility etc. To End-Users challenges are to have personalized dashboards and single sign-on to various applications, Access anywhere-any device, Free from applications that are tightly coupled with vendor choices, Elastic resource usage etc


Most of the above challenges can be addressed with cloud services that are open-source based. Moving Development, Test and Production infrastructure to Private Cloud platforms will be the best choice. Software defined networking can be an additional advantage to reduce the dependence on physical network equipment and to simplify network operations. SDN enables enterprise software applications to run in multiple data centre locations and smoothen traffic hindrances

One such experiment is this user-story with all Open-Source software.
● x86 servers
● Ubuntu
● OpenStack with no customizations
● OpenDayLight SDN Controller
● KVM Virtualization
● LinuxBridge
● Replication
● HAProxy
● Pacemaker
● Ceph
● Jenkins
● PostGreSQL

Key Benefits that can be acheived:
• Reduced deployment and usage costs, Open to extend
• With Open source, we have the flexibility of our Own Rules, compatible API’s
• Increased developer productivity and enthusiasm
• Dynamic and Active community with amazing updates
• No vendor lock-in, free to choose your own Datacentre location, own rules, compatable API’s, own design and architecture
• Faster deployments, Open Frameworks, Highly scalable and Highly available

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